Sia Khan

SIA KHAN, a young, lively girl, born, raised and based in Mumbai

From childhood, music played a prominent role in Sia’s life.

Today’s generation knows how to make a better life for themselves and achieve success.
They are well aware that success won’t come knocking on their door. Everyone has to work
hard and make decisions that will change their life forever.That’s when she decided to launched her first debut song and too acted in it.A trained singer, who launched her first singing debut with the song “Yeh Pal Phir Aaye Na Aaye” which has crossed 100k + views and has won many HEARTs and AWARDS.
Including our legendary singer Asha Bhosale, Asha mam has appreciated Sia on twitter.Sia is also working with many Bollywood personalities and well-known brands.Sia is also a vlogger and has her own You Tube channel where she promotes and posts about multiple products and reviews.
SiaKhan A successful influencer who has over 150k followers on Instagram.Sia is celebrating on hitting 500k followers on Facebook.
In the coming time, Sia Khan has a lineup of projects including originals, music videos andalbums. Sia is happy with the success of her debut song.

Deeply overwhelmed with the response.

Sia says “I am incredibly amazed by the support and fondness of
my Instagram followers. Your constant comments, appreciation, likes, and sharing my
content is what made me so strong in the world of social media. Deeply overwhelmed with
the response. Please receive my affection and blessings!

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